The first blog post

Return trip to Copenhagen

Today I’m going to the city. When we moved out of Copenhagen, I pictured myself going in there much more often than is the case. I hardly ever miss the city, but I always look forward to going there. Today I’m having two injections. I’ve been so unfortunate to acquire both a heel spur and a bone spur, and it hurts sooooo bad. It’s almost as painful as having a broken tailbone. Every time I take a step, it feels like I’m being stabbed in the heel with a knife, and when I’m resting, I get the worst jolt of pain. I can’t wait for the injections to work, and then I will be taking the longest walks in the forest this weekend. It’s hard loosing weight, when you are more or less forced to keep still, but I use an app to count and register all calories that I eat and there’s a slow progress.

I’m also seeing my psychiatrist today. That’s always good, and it gives me such peace of mind. Three years ago, when the District Psychiatry (a public outpatient program) ended my treatment, they told me to just let my GP control my medicine. That was unthinkable to me and a completely irresponsible suggestion in my opinion. When you have such a heavy diagnosis as schizophrenia is, you more often than not need strong medicine and how much can you expect any GP to know about that? In my opinion, it’s important to only take the exact amount you need. You need to adjust it along the way. I therefore called my former psychiatrist that day in January 2016. She was the one, who referred me to OPUS back in the day, and I could see her the following week. It’s the best decision I’ve made. We have such a good chemistry. I have since then, with her help, cut down on my medicine (to half of my initial dosage), and it works for me. It’s not a goal to become medicine-free, I just don’t want to take more than I actually need at this time in my life, just like I would never eat painkillers without being in pain.

T is going to a big hospital in the city today, he is going to start therapy, as part of a research project. That means we can go back and forth together. We always have such a good time, when we’re on the go together, so I’m also looking forward to that. It’s going to be a good day.

Springtime in Copenhagen 2018

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