Patchwork Quilt

For the last couple of days I’ve been working on a patchwork quilt and now it is FINALLY finished.

We have a sofa bed in our living room, and since we both like to get comfortable and put our feet op, it is always pulled out as a bed. However, that doesn’t look very nice since it is in two colours. Therefore I’ve made the patchwork quilt, to make it look less messy.

On the one side I’ve made large squares and on the other side they are smaller.

On the side with the large squares there are a total of 49 squares.

On the side with the smaller squares there are a total of 196 squares.

The finished result 🙃

Now I just need to iron it and make matching pillows.

The rest of the living room is a work in progress. Among other things I need to redo a table with a leather tabletop. I wil show you the process when the time comes 😊

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