My background

This year is my anniversary. 10 years. 10 long years, but also crazy, wonderful, lovefilled and magical years, where some dreams were broken and new dreams were born.
This year it’s been 10 years, since I closed the company I had with a friend and became sick full time. What I didn’t know then, was that by doing so, I checked out of the working force completely. Maybe for good. Had I known, it wouldn’t have changed a thing. I was done.
I had become ill a few years earlier, but the journey towards the illness began in the beginning of 2003. Around new years I started a clothing company with C, one of my best friends at the time. It had been 6 months since I graduated from fashion school and C had 6 months left of studying. We where both part of a design community in Gasvaerksvej, Copenhagen and joined forces. Since we didn’t have much money, we decided to keep our jobs on the side. I worked as a church servant just outside of Copenhagen at the time.
While all of this was going on, I was mustering up courage. I was in hell at home, where I lived with a mentally abusive man from Australia, M. I needed to get away, but I was afraid. He had cut me off from most of my friends, but thanks to the few I had left, including C, I found the courage to ask him to move out in March or April. That was the beginning of over a year of stalking and psychological terror. Instead of facing my problems, I just worked some more. And I partied. And then I worked even harder.
C and I moved from Gasvaerksvej to a shared shop in Store Kongensgade and the church was replaced with a cafe in the city, before M released his grip. It was actually the day the crown prince of Denmark married his Australian fiancé. But that was too late, I just didn’t realise. Therefore I drew a sigh of relief and cheered when the text ticked in. ”I’ll leave you alone. Goodbye”. At the time I was sitting at the bar where I first met him. 6 years had come full circle and I was free. Almost.
We slaved on, C and I. Sometimes we almost succeeded. Like really. We also got an investor, but after a little over a year he pulled out and we went bankrupt. While we were working hard, I was breaking inside. I had periods of time were I couldn’t see, and irregular heartbeat and sweaty palms became the norm. I was on sick leave, but only from the cafe. C and I slaved away. Right until the end. And that was 10 years ago.


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